Rejuvenate From Within

Whether it transports you to a special place in time or it’s in your hand when you’re already there, every bubbly sip gives you the confidence to know - or the permission to discover - that what you need can be exactly what you want. And that's refreshing.

With natural and organic ingredients sourced through a 100% women-led supply chain, our plant-based Sparkling Superfruit Tea was designed to taste good and be good by using ethically-sourced ingredients that come together to support daily immunity, stress relief and digestive health — all with memorable flavor that satisfies.

As a woman entrepreneur and the founder of our sister brand, Slingshot Coffee Co., I have long wanted to craft a line of crave-worthy beverages that shined a spotlight on women, while inspiring people everywhere to embrace what makes you feel like you. No tradeoffs required. 

That's Needs & Wants.