Meet Your Needs & Wants

It’s the confidence of knowing - or the satisfaction of discovering - that what you need is what you want. Rejuvenating refreshment in every delicious drop to help you feel like you.

Our 100% plant-based Sparkling Superfruit Tea brings together thoughtful, ethically-sourced ingredients to create memorable, crave-worthy flavor. Natural herbs and botanicals like Lemon Balm and Dandelion help to support daily immunity, stress relief and digestive health.

Our 100% women-led supply chain starts with our fifth-generation farm partner who grows our ultra-premium Superfruit in the mountains of Central America. Paying more than Fair Trade standard, we're doing our best to support women at the farm-level.

It's like kombucha without the vinegar and Kool Aid without the sugar. It tastes unbelievable.

Jon L.

Exactly the pep I need to continue on

Teryn B.

One sip and it takes me straight to the gardens at the Alhambra and that gives me LIFE.

Taylor M.